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What’s The Best Way To Clean Carpeting

     Carpet cleaning – best way to clean carpeting, steam or chemical, is an ongoing debate. There are many proponents and critics of each method so the only way to make the right choice for your home is to investigate both methods and find out what they have to offer. Then you can make an informed decision as to the best way to clean your carpets.

     Steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning. That’s because it is the only carpet cleaning method known to remove at least 97 percent of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. It is also the only method that reaches all the way down to the lowest layer, or “pile”, of your carpeting to clean it thoroughly. This makes it the best method for dealing with ground in or difficult stains.

    When it comes to carpet cleaning, the ability to deep clean is just one consideration. Since steam cleaning uses water heated to a very high temperature, it can take far longer for the carpet to dry after treatment. Depending on how good the cleaner’s extraction system is and how thick the carpet is, it can take 45 minutes to several hours. In some cases we have seen where carpets were still damp the next day. If you need access to your room quickly, then you might want to consider using another method of cleaning.

     As the name suggests, chemical cleaning involves the use of a chemical solution to remove dirt from your carpet. Some of these solutions are called “dry” shampoos, although that term is used lightly. They are not, in fact, completely dry but they do use significantly less water than steam cleaning. This means that carpets that are chemically cleaned generally dry much faster as there is less moisture to evaporate once cleaning is done.

     As with steam cleaning, drying time is not the only consideration to take into effect when considering the subject of carpet cleaning. Because chemical solutions only work in the top layers of carpet, they are almost completely ineffective for treating deep stains. Also, there is a tendency for some chemical residue to be left behind in your carpet, meaning you and your family can be exposed to these chemicals. Make sure you fully understand what chemicals they are using.

     For individuals who are concerned about chemical exposure, steam cleaning may be a better option.

     The method you choose depends on your particular needs and your concerns if any about using chemicals. Arguments can be made for both sides, steam or chemical,. Cost can vary as well, so that’s another factor you’ll need to take into consideration. Either way, if you choose a reliable product or service you can be sure of getting good results. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use. That is the best way to find a carpet cleaner.

     The carpet cleaner we use here at the office uses a steam process and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. When he is done not only does the carpet look good he can tell you how much water he used and how much he recovered. For light cleaning we will use the Steempro 2000 steam cleaner. Works well for small areas but we don’t recommend you try to do a large carpeted area. With that being said it works great for all the tile floors in our house.

     Your carpet can make a strong first impression of your home or office, so make sure you treat it right and keep it clean. Do your research and find out whether steam or chemical cleaning is the right choice for you. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy clean carpets and that’s what good carpet cleaning is all about.


Carpet Steam Cleaning

     Steam cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, in addition to the usual vacuuming process, is the best way to keep it clean and fresh.

     Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, gives it an all over deep clean. It will help to get rid of germs and bacteria which build up inside the carpet, as well as ensuring any deep ingrained dirt and grime is removed.

    Carpets can attract a lot of wear and tear, especially if they are laid in high traffic areas such as hallways, living areas, function centres and business reception rooms.

     Foot tread from outdoors can cause all sorts of grime and dirt to embed inside the carpet pile. Ongoing daily use will simply add to the tired look and feel.

     Pets, smoke, food smells and careless spills will also mean your precious carpet is often in need of some care and attention.

     At Cloudy Cleaning we use the best products and equipment on all your carpets and we always work to the highest industry standards.

     Cloudy carpet steam cleaning service is ideal for the following circumstances and more:

     Cleaning and refreshing your home carpets Combating pet smells and smoke smells Preparing to move out of or into your home Freshening up your office environment Providing a good first impressions for business customers Ensuring high standards in your hotel or function centre

     Not only will our steam cleaning service make carpets look better and smell fresher, they will also feel softer and cleaner overall. The ingrained dirt and grime will be gone, along with all the germs and bacteria.

     As a result, your carpets will provide a healthier environment for you, your family, your visitors and your work colleagues. Let our skilled technicians restore the beauty back into your home.

     Call us today on 075 06 600 908 or send us an enquiry below.


Area Rug Cleaners Cloudycleaning Company London

     Area Rug attracts mud and dust once your house is not being cleaned genreally, so you really have to clean your home. If you don’t have enough time to include it in your day-to-day schedule, hire necessary area rug cleaning company to help you out. We – Area Rug Cleaners London are here to help you out. When you have a filthy oriental area rug, you have to ask assist from a professional and competent area rug cleaning service providers for you to attain convenience and ease.

     However, when you are unable to hire a reputed company, the tendency is that all the stains and other dirt will not be cleaned. They might also address your obstacle but when they do the process improperly, your carpet will attract too much mud, which in future will require you for to get a new carpet.

     When you hire a very expert service provider like London area rug cleaner, you will not only have a pure area rug but we can as well benefit in securing your area rug. You will have the peace of mind that it is clean and safe to use by everyone. If you are very sensitive to dust and dirt found in floor carpeting, you do not need to worry as you can have an area rug that is consistently taking care to the standard.

     Benefits of Area Rug Cleaners Cloudycleaning Company

     Aside from cutting out the dirt and other nasty things in your carpet, area rug cleaning London can offer other amazing discounts that you will adore and appreciate within a long period of time such as;

  • Your area rug will last longer – If you call the area rug cleaning Cloudycleaning company on a regular basis, you can handle your carpet within a long run. However, when you ask help from not reputed carpet cleaning company, you need replacement. If you are able to hire a very good service provider, you will not only have durable area rug but you can also save a lot.
  • Eliminate odor and keep appearance – When your oriental area rug has lots of inflexible stains and other blemishes, area rug cleaning London company can assist address your dilemma. That is because we have highly advanced tools and we know many skillful cleaning techniques. When you are willing to manage its arrival, you are on the right path. Once cleaning your carpet is done incorrectly, this will affect its vibrant color and the entire house as well. Thus, area rug cleaning London is what you can lean on to get rid of stains and cultivate the debut of your rug.
  • Save time – When you conclude to choose one of the efficent and professional area rug companies in London, you will not only experience trait services but they can also benefit you save your time. If you have a very hectic time schedule and you plan to clean your area rug on your own, you can pass it to a gorgeous service provider in the area.

Therefore, you can experience a broad range of benefits when you pick a area rug cleaning company in London. You do not need to clean your area rug by yourself as you can receive a competent customer support. In addition, you will have a decision that you will never regret.



Furniture & Mattress
Accidents happen every day. Things get dropped, pets misbehave, and people get careless. With our expert services, your furniture can look like the same as the day it came home to you – or maybe better!
• Stain removal
• Patio Furniture
• Deep cleaning
• Pet deodorizing
• All types of fabrics
• Antique and delicate fiber specialist
Antique’s don’t have to look dirty or even re-upholstered.
You pride yourself on your antique pieces, so it’s important that they stay in the best condition possible. When you put your furniture in our hands, you’re getting the benefit of receiving the best cleaning in years from the best in the industry, with a special focus on giving antiques the care they need. Your furniture will be returned to you in superb condition, and your service is always guaranteed



Washing your area rug ensures that its beauty will last longer, without the damaging effects of many spot treatment solutions on the market; it is our goal to provide you with a simple and enjoyable experience. We put you first at Cloudy Cleaning, and would love to help you get your rug back to the way it was when you bought it.


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